Demo Reel Scenes

Need new footage for your demo reel or new branded scenes that fit your type? Tired of working on student films just to get new material?


We're offering high-quality, low cost scenes so you can update your materials!

The Package for $750 includes:


Meeting with Producer: meet with us and tell us what you need and want in your scenes. We will go through your materials and discuss your branding, type, the location for your scenes, the genre, etc .

2 scenes written specifically for you: we will take all the info from our meeting and get to work on your scenes with a clear idea of what to write! We’ll write two contrasting scenes just for you. (Aprox. 2-2.5 hours of filming each)

Rehearsal with the director before each scene.

All pre-production (location-scouting, set-designs, etc): if planned well in advanced, we're able to film outside of our regular studio (some locations will require a special fee/permit)

All basic post-production editing (color-correcting, sound, etc).

For a small fee, we can edit your demo reel as well, hire a hair and make-up artist, and create an IMDb page and poster for your scene. All extras are below.

Want to make your scene even better? Here are some add-ons and extra services we offer:


$200 - Hair and Makeup Artist

$300-500 - On-Location Filming (Diner, Office, Elevator, Park, etc)

$200 - Professionally Composed Music

$25 - Intro titles and contact info added to scene

$100 - Editing New Scenes into existing reel/demo reel re-edit

$150 - Still Photographer

$100 - Professionally Designed Poster (And adding the short scene as a credit to your IMDb)

Need something else? Email us at and we'll be happy to help you out!